Water Way Industrial Cleaners cc
Reg. No. CK9836513/23
Telephone: (021) 713 4447
Cellular: 083-691 2790
E-mail: info@waterway.co.za
Managing Member: Mr M. Cohen

Water Way Industrial Cleaners are specialists in high-pressure hot water cleaning and water blasting of industrial and marine areas. The use of hot water and high pressure allows us the freedom to remove almost any type of encrusted debris including oil, without damaging the surface.

    Scope of Work:
  • Remove oil, grease, sludge and corrosive scale deposits from the exterior and interior of pipes, risers and tubes
  • Tank cleaning to remove crude oil, sludge & mud
  • High pressure cleaning of industrial units and machinery
  • Degrease/prepare surfaces for salt and/or paint removal
  • Wet sandblasting of steel and concrete

Our top of the range high-pressure hot water diesel driven cleaning systems range from 250 bar (3 600 psi) to the ultra-pressure machines working at 2500 bar (40 000 psi). Pressure used in the cleaning process is adapted and determined by the surface or unit being cleaned.

Job description:
To remove grease, sludge and scale deposits on the exterior of industrial and marine pipes, any one of the high pressure machines above can be used.

For interior cleaning we use high pressure machines (with a flow of 240 l /min) in conjunction with a variety of chain nozzles (from 50 700 diameters).

  • Advantages of high pressure cleaning pipes, risers and tubes:
    High pressure cleaning of industrial pipes inhibits corrosion and extends pipe life by removing corrosive deposits from inside the pipes.

    High pressure cleaning is ideal to clean areas that are difficult to reach.

  • Environmental Management Program:
    If feasible, all runoff water from the cleaning process can be captured and reused thereby reducing waste.
    Contaminated water can be bagged using a cofferdam and removed off site thereby alleviating the environmental impact.

  • Health and Safety:
    Water Way follows a strict Environmental and Health & Safety Management Program. All additional safety regulations required by a company will be followed. All Water Way personnel engaged in any operation must wear suitable PPE. Our employees are trained to adhere to the highest safety regulations and as such we have achieved 100% safety records for thousands of man hours worked.

  • Mobility:
    Although we are a Cape Town based company, we are prepared and equipped to complete any industrial and marine pressure cleaning in Africa on either a short or long term basis.
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