The jobs undertaken have entailed:

  • High pressure hot water cleaning to restore surfaces from a build up of dirt,.grime and moss.
  • All forms of oil spills from tanks to pathways.
  • Salt removal after blasting and before painting.
  • Degreasing surfaces.
  • Drain and pipe cleaning to remove embedded dirt and grime.
  • Tank Cleaning to remove oil; sludge & mud.
  • Brickwork and Paving
  • General cleaning
  • Commercial Window Cleaning - safe, efficient and eco-friendly commercial window cleaning offered on a regular or once off basis. Our specialised rope access teams are used to clean windows of all shapes, sizes and height.

Our equipment:

  • High pressure hot water diesel driven cleaning machines
    Operating up to 280 bars with steam water.

- Perfect for degreasing surfaces.
- Salt removal before painting.
- Tank cleaning to remove oil; sludge & mud.
- General cleaning.

  • Petrol and electric cold water high pressure machines
    Operating up to 140 bars.

- Perfect for washing walls before painting.
- General cleaning.

  • UHP Operating up to 1000 bars.

- General cleaning.
- Paint removal.

  • Inspection Camera

- Examine all drains, pipes, waste water systems and sewer lines
- Takes the guess work out of plumbing, engineering and municipal problems

  • Drain and pipe cleaning machine
    Operating up to 100 bar
    - Pipes up to 450 in diameter (with rotating nozzle & backward nozzle)
    - Gun used for cleaning sand and “gentle” equipment with volume of water but lower pressure.
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